Monday, March 13, 2006

My Very First Blog

Just wanted to start blogging, basically get away from mundane work and start something new and spicy..

I would try to make this space as humorous, funny (slapstick style) as much as I can.., not that I am great at it, but a try would not be as bad, atleast that’s what I hope to.. Surrounding this hoopla I would like to mention that I would be very honest in the true sense of the word.

This space would consist as the name suggests, blogs that are Vyaktigat (Personal), Manogat (Self Expressions, Musings) and Swagat (Soliloquy, Monologue). Most of the stuff would be true as per my knowledge which to be very true is very negligible ;). However, just to spice up some of the things, I may definitely add some "Masala" to it. Some Names would be changed to maintain secrecy so that OTHERS involved may not necessarily be affected by stuff that I post.. Posts about People, Friends, Relatives, Sports, Sportsmen, Movies, who have influenced me or have had played a significant or even a small role to play in my well being. Betterment for India and its public, ways and means of achieving the same is definitely on the cards.

Hopefully my next post and first meaningful (I hope so) would be up by next week. Please do let me know your suggestions, your invaluable feedback would be highly appreciated and respected and honored.
Till then, Off the Record, On the QT and Very Hush Hush !!


Blogger Mukta A said...

Welcome to blogosphere!! :)

1:02 AM  
Blogger Matter Mahadevan said...

Welcome welcome, hope to see a lot of posts, with the same humour that bring into your daily activities, oh yeah masala as well, and should be good fodder for matter mahadevan as well :)

Peace yo

9:10 AM  

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