Saturday, May 13, 2006

Adieu BH 5A C15

I was deeply saddened couple of weeks back by a rumour circulating that our team would have to move out of our current places. Finally when our Manager confirmed the news, I began to relive all the moments I had had in my home away from home.
It almost felt like a premonition of the things to hit me in the weeks to come.

My fears seemed to be uncalled for when I received an email from the Dev Guy at Innopath, congratulating and thanking and complimenting me for my work .. However, it all went bust within the next few minutes when I received the firing of a lifetime, got rejected by .. ; Lets leave these details out of here. It has started to go all wrong since. Back to the main issue at hand.

I still clearly remember the day the three of us, Noor, Shripad and myself were yanked from the training schedule at KV and thrown into BH. Lest I knew that I would be spending 2 great years with some amazing cubicle mates and that too in a project like MDM. Let me state the names here with whom I have spent some wonderful moments together in C15, Shripad and Noor (my best of friends at PSPL), Amit Dangle, Shailesh Athalye, Srihari, Shweta, Prabha and Mrunalini. I apologize if I have missed anyone. We even had a Square reserved for Wasim, Noor's to be.., upon which Noor could look down upon (Noor, plzz don’t kill me for this..) Thank you to one and all who made it a beautiful place.

This cubicle was certainly the spice of our work hall and was the liveliest amongst all its counterparts. The jabbering, joking, laughter had reached macro proportions and to curb it all, we even started a "Maun Samay", period of total silence for all of 10 mins !! The cubicle was a mute witness to some of the extreme altercations within our project, within the cubicle or across cubicle. It was here that I took my baby steps into the professional world and now helps me sprint. The ragged dance to the tunes of my seniors that seemed like a Waltz to the people outside of here, facilitated by the calmness of the place.

The panoramic view of Pune from our place was breathtaking, Model Colony, Khadki, even the AirStrip at Lohegaon was visible. Later on as the buildings of the ICC Trade Tower and those of T-Systems etc came up, the left side was a slight blur.. but overall still very beautiful. Some say they even have seen a Ghost (Ghastly Image, I believe) just outside of the glass pane, though we never heard or saw either at nights or otherwise.

The new cubicle does not suit me much. With C15 it was like "I was institutionalized, the cubicle and the cubicle mates knew me, here I just cut a sorry figure, trying to wrap up things and leave (by 11:00pm)". I really miss the place and as I sit here in my new place trying to put words to Keyboard with a tear in my eye, I am sure 5A must have been equally saddened by the loss of its truly beloved friends.

I have an eerie feeling that this is just a harbinger of some not so happy events in the near future.

Best lesson learnt in C15 -> "Karmanyewa adhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana"


Anonymous Noorulayn Syed said...

Sallu, this article could not have been more true in its sentiments. More than leaving PSPL, i was totally broken at leaving C-15. Its not just a cubicle. It was much much more than that...And I credit all the people who shared that cubicle with us, for maintaining the atmosphere of C-15. You,Shripad, Amit Dangle, Srihari, Shailesh,and Shweta.
It was the best time i have spent in any office!! jokes with you, discussions with Shripad, arguments with Srihari, pulling Amit's leg, teasing Shailesh abt his phone calls and Shweta, being a sweetie that she is, taking my side in any discussion/arguments with you guys!!
C-15 had its own personality. It was the only cubicle where people flocked to, when they wanted to relieve themselves of their work tensions. and we always had something for our friends....either fruits or "saunf"!! There will never be another C-15.Am sure, that though the cubicle still exists in 5A BH, its spirit is lost (now that all of you have moved out of it )

11:53 PM  
Anonymous smita said...

Hey salil,
Kharach khup great lihilays….
Kharatar attaparyant me tumachya cubicle baddal barach kahi aikala hota…..Shri mala nehemi sangayacha tithalya gamatijamati…
Right from ur style of playing NFS2 ,
Tumachya shejarachy cubicle madhe divasbhar phone warun mothyanda bolanari bai….
Noor chya Wasim cha square…
Ani asa barach kahi….
(tya aikun tumhi loka office madhe nakki kay karata ? ashi mala shanka yaychi….;-)…pan ti lavakarach dur keli geli….aso.)
Tyamule mala ha blog vachatana baryach goshtinche clue lagat hote….
Summing up…..tu kharach khup sahi lihitos….and keep it up……
I wish mala asech chan chan blog vachayala milot…….

Vi.Su.- Kharatar tuza Hi-fundu English vachalyawar,majhya Hinglish madhe mala sagala lihita ala nasata…..if you are facing difficulty while reading this comment…plz contact shripad……

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Shripad said...

I agree that C15 was very very special and Salil, more than anyone else you made it so special………your jokes were amazing. I still remember me and Noor laughing to any of your comments…………. it was life …so funny, hilarious, innocent, and free from faltu worries....

I remember you playing a bike race game(forgot the name), and how you picked up the saunff and put it in your mouth like tobacco, wore helmet.., kicked like starting a bike and started with the game exactly when the countdown on the screen was over........I still can't still stop laughing...

remember how we used to keep "kachcha" fruit at Noor's desk so that it becomes "pakka"..kyonki Noor use "pakaati" thi... 

and spelling of "teacher" ........that was amazing......we were laughting so loudly for so you remember that? "teature" and we(you,me and Noor) all burst into 9pm in office

discussing/arguing with Noor…….and we discussed about Khalil Gibran’s article one day “On Giving”……

going for a movie at 12noon when we finished automation target ……the movie was pathetic still we enjoyed it because we saw it in office hours..….Srihari is the best team lead

Shweta was wonderful……used to fight with you when teased...tumhi ek mekanna HUSHAR mhanan …..her red nose and towel ;)

..and those two horrible ladies (BU co-ordinators)...oh my god....nusti badbad badbad........bai nahi aali...mulga kay karatoy....aaj jevan kay kelay...gaadi band padli.......koni kunala reject kela..........kuhthlya project cha revenue kay aahe... ...arre kay aahe...konitari band kara tynacha aavaj????

Noor learnt Marathi well due to C15..but inspite of so many English experts (Noor , you, Shweta, Srihari) being around…..I did not learn English …:D

So many memories…...............................................

I think, you and Noor helped others to follow the c15 culture and enjoy in the project like MDM.....I don't think Srihari would have talked so much in any other cubicle….he was on fire especially when Noor gave him a realistic feedback ..(remember Noor?)….or Shweta wouldn’t have enjoyed so much w/o you and Noor………and Prabha…she also must have enjoyed in this noisy place after coming from a deadly silent cubicle of Avinash,Sudarshan and Bhide …..Amit Dangle ki tum kya khichte the….I and Noor was stunned when you had commented about his VERY short shirt … never spared anyone….

……….you are genius Salaman…….ohh he mi visarloch………your names…..Salman khan, Sallu kahihi chalayach…….


....and only permanent thing is change……… I think that was the best time possible when we relocated to 4B….that was the logical end to the saga. ……all the other members/firnds had already left……..our roles changed and so the sub-projects…relations with the seniors changed….there are new people in the project looking up to you as a Idol ……..there are so many things changing around us that time ….so I think that was the right time to move on………we left C15 with right spirit and with all the happy memories. …if we would have continued till now, it would have contaminated our feelings for the place…it wouldn’t have been so special for us…....

right time to turn the leaf and start a new chapter in 4B C11/13???

.....4th terrace was always enjoyable for us and now we can visit it so often.......enjoy tea/coffe breaks on terrace and... view of reception area from bridge is amazing... hope we will continue the journey at PSPL ……and who knows you will write a similar bolg on 4B work hall..

Cheers !!

1:40 AM  
Blogger Vyaktigat_Manogat_Swagat said...

Shripad, I sincerely feel that This Classic should have been a Blog by itself..

and more, you have to remove any notion that you may have that your English is weak.. what say Noor ?

Thanks for an excellent comment, er Blog....

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Vishal Bhalla said...

Well guys U forgot to mention the Sudhir Parab "Punching the air" incident.. I guess it is one of the classics when you talk about perfect timing...

1:29 AM  

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