Friday, June 09, 2006

Hamara Bajaj

I really feel proud to be from a State which is about to be elect a Member of Parliament who is a Multi-Billionaire and Not only does he File Tax Returns but actually Files Taxes as well !! Yes, thats Mr. Rahul Bajaj .., Sir Rahul Bajaj for me.. However, he is really setting up a Bad Example to the So-Called Poor Billionaires whose Income somehow remains in the No-Tax zone.

Its really a shame that the Govt and its so called committees are trying to burden the already salaried class by removing Rebates on 80-C and the likes, then rub salt on wounds by asking us to actually file even our Cash spendings.. wow.. way to go PC

Everything around is changing some for the good and some for the bad. Reservations in Education and Private Jobs, Additional Paperwork for Tax Filing, Increased Duties/Taxes, Cess for Roads in Pune (which do not really exist). I would not really be too critical of the increase in Petrol Prices though they Hurt the common man as this was something inevitable. But the Fiasco that Sonia and Co pulled off in New Delhi was One for the Show.. Typical Scenario, you force a person to Jump and then say "why the heck did you do so ?" (Should this question mark be actually after the quote, never have understood English and never will)

The only thing that I feel that has somewhat remained same is the way a Bajaj Scooter starts !! The last 40 years the ONLY way to start this Amazing State of The Art vehicle (however Old it maybe) is by a slight tilt towards the Engine side and then Half a Kick and there you go.. For pure consistency this one beats Dravid to a distant 2nd. It is very much reminiscent to the dialog from Sarfarosh which has a reference to an AK-47 "Ja ke gaTar mein fe.nk de, ek saal baad Petrol Daalke starT karega to waise-ich fire karegi. Maintenance ka koi lafDa nahi hai" !!

Proud Owner of a 1985 Green Coloured Bajaj Super. Hamara Bajaj.

Price of Air in 3 tyres (including the Spare) : Rs 2.0
Price of Petrol per litre : Rs 55
Price of 2-wheeler : Rs 35000+
Satisfaction of having vehicle start at the first Go : Priceless

There are some things money cant buy, for everything else dial your Father !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sallu Mian....I guess i've become a fan of yours by now :D
Your articles are not only intriguing, they have this subtle humour which is so rare !!
Looking forward to many more such blogs....Kep up the good job...

Cheers forever........

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Shripad said...

Jabri ...ha mala saglyat jaast avadala.........

keep it up

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beshtt! sahi lihilaay... it reflects the "Puneri" attitude (which i miss soo much) very well.
I know its too late to comment on this blog... but i happened to read it now and could not go without a comment on it ;)


11:28 AM  

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