Monday, December 31, 2007

"THE" Re-Union : Day Nine

26 December, 2002:
Auburn, AL: Just like we had bade Nikhil's home a farewell it was time to bid Kaustubh's home a final farewell as well. (Fact: They later changes places about 2-3 times as well, under the pretext and supporting statements that it barely takes 30 minutes to move out from one place and perch in the next ?? ) We had spent 2 wonderful nights in Auburn and more importantly got to meet some of Godya's room-mates, one out-sizing the other. Kaustubh, all of a sudden seemed to be like a cute stuffed teddy compared to them :)

Atlanta, GA: We either missed or took an incorrect exit or took some street South instead of North and the likes. But we definitely missed the place we had initially planned for. We finally managed to trace a Gujju Bhaaya's place and decided to satisfy our palates at the dine-in. What a wondeful treat it was from Kaustubh, on his fellowship grant, and we all ate till we were able to tickle the food just under/behind the tonsils !! With bloated bellies and droopy, sleepy eyes we made the final mad dash to Clemson, SC. We were going to lose an hour driving from CST to EST and had to hand-over the car to Enterprize lest we paid for an extra day. I was driving the Neon and all others were blissfully sleeping their "backs" off. The loud Kishore songs were hardly a deterrant to the ephedrine-like toxins secreted from the lunch menu.

Clemson, SC: Just passed the border into SC, all were awake and it was hardly any distance to go before we reached 115 Village Green. We had some time remaining and did some quick groceries at Winn Dixie and parallely did some VHS renting out at the adjacent video store. It was a great feeling to come back home as nothing heels you better than the first step inside "your own place".

After dropping the grocery, tapes and our bags and baggage home, we headed back to Seneca to bid farewell to our wondeful (at times irritable) companion. We had got the rental for a whopping 2800 miles and when we returned the car we had travelled 2792 miles !! The manager at the rental was simply amazed and commended us saying never had anyone got their calculations so correct for such a huge trip.

Little did he know nor does he still understand the underlying common thread between the last names Aphale, Divekar, Godbole and Ranade



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