Saturday, December 22, 2007

"THE" Re-Union : Day Five

22 December 2002:
College Station, TX: The main intention of our trip, of that attending the graduation had been a grand success. Now we decided to explore the areas in-and-around ?? College Station. Arriving at a consensus of from where to start and how to end our trip was difficult with multiple choices and several impediments along the way.

We finally decided to leave for Austin late that afternoon and to visit Lake Basstrop on the way. Kaustubh was the one who had least driven the car till then and he decided to drive. With a royal battle staging who would reach the destination first, our "Major" was nearing 90-100 on the speedometer at frequent interval !! Inspite of several warnings, we gave up knowing that only a Ticket would slow the car down. Fortunately the cops too were enjoying their December vacation and resting somewhere else.

Lake Basstrop, TX: A beautiful natural lake surrounded my miniature hills on most sides and a quite well maintained one. There was actually an entrance ticket to the lake and adjoining areas but with No Keeper and the vending machine out of order it was free enjoyment for all of us. Again some snaps captured in the most weird of poses, especially one "wass-up, how-u-doin" pose is still fresh in my memory. We were there for about a couple of hours and enjoyed at the lakeside a lot.

Austin, TX: Next we were on our way to Austin, the capital of the state of Texas. We were going to stay at Kotasthane's place for the night before leaving for SanAntonio the next day. Austin, is supposedly The Best town in Texas, with plenty of greenery around, which is as close as you come to a hill-station in this arid-land.
The Hill:We first decided to visit the Hill (cannot recall the name) which overlooks the town and from where there is a beautiful view of the neighboring countryside. The only similarity this hill has with our own Parwati is that it is located within the heart of the city and has an equal number of steps to reach the top. Thats all where the similarities end, from Cleanliness, to the ample foliage that surrounds this place was "Once Upon a Time" true of Parwati. Again we had some snaps taken but the flashes just got wasted in thin and extremely dark air.
Capitol : All of the states and the country have a similar kind of state building and I guess called "Capitol" throughout. There was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the way to the entrance of the building. We were just a little late for the last tour of the building and hence could not see the place from inside. Again a few snaps and then we left to have dinner. This was again a treat by the Graduating class for the last time at a decent Indian restaurant.

University of Texas, Austin: We then made a short trip around the University and took a nice picture of "The Owl" also called as the University of Texas Tower.The top of the building is lighted such that when seen from a diagonal the top resembles the head of an owl and hence the name.

We then called it a day after deciding on the course to take the next day to San Antonio which was our next destination.



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