Monday, July 09, 2007

An Affair to Remember: Benign Beginning - Part I

It all began in the last week of July last year. I finally had some decent savings in my account after my car's down payment had emptied the same. I had posted some questions on an investment site and after a couple of days was pleased to receive a very precise, concise, correct response to the same. I knew it had to be a very old Bawa or an hardcore Chitpavan, either of whom weigh words extremely carefully. I had revealed my identity/email-id when I had posted the questions however the reply was anonymous and the Id did not suggest much. To be true, it did not really matter to me either.

Now being a thorough gentleman, I replied and expressed my sincere thanks and gratitude. What happened next was what I had never thought would occur. I got an email the very same day (though I checked it the next day myself) from the "Financial Advisor". Turns out 'she' was a very pure 'ekaraant' kokanastha girl, born and brought up in the Deccan area.

We then started exchanging emails first once a week, then twice, then daily, then maybe twice daily. I had the cake and was having it to. It was past Mid-September and it were really happier times. The mid-year salary hike was just barely the icing and I am not much of an icing fan. We just connected, e-connected. It seemed like "Magic".

We had known pretty much about each other except that we had not yet met. She had completed her CA in her second attempt, her paternal grandmother had passed away on the morning of one of her papers and she had to skip. S.C. (I think I can use the initials here without revealing her name) had had not such a great childhood, she had lost her father when she was 5. Financially they were quite stable and her grandparents and uncles on both sides had looked after them (S.C., elder sister, mother) very well. Elder sister was married about 3 years back and she was living in Pune with her husband, who for a change did not work in a software firm and was in pure Process Control. Things (Financial, Career wise) were going great for S.C. as she had joined a biotech company as its Chartered Accountant.

It was decided that it was quite some time that we had merely exchanged data over email, and that we take it up a step further. But who would pop the question and finally S.C. asked "Should we meet ? " And so we decided to meet just a week shy of my birthday to meet in a coffee shop. Quite a "sleepless" night/person that was in Pune and seemed a very long one too :)

(more later, till then relax)



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Part II kadhi release hot aahe.....curiosity has risen sky-high :)

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