Thursday, July 13, 2006

FEDERER => Numero Uno

F : Flair
E : Elegance
D : Delightful
E : Exquisite
R : Regal
E : Epitome
R : Royal

Damn, His name is so short. Letters like G: Greatest, S: Supreme, SimplySuperb (in Benaud English) somehow don't fit. The man transcends everything you would find in the multitudes of Sporting Lexicons. His demeanor On and Off Court is so adorable that it almost seems untrue. He possesses what I feel is an innate swagger and a tremendous will power to excel.

Last Sunday, I watched him play (was rather privileged to watch him play) the Finals of The Championships and Boy, was he on song from the word go... The walk to the chair with the Cream Colored Flannel Blazer seemed as easy as a stroll in the park for a kid. The Non-Chalant attitude that he displayed without the slightest hint of arrogance was one to marvel at.

The first set was a breeze with Nadal not having a clue of the surface. The point on which Roger claimed the set was an Amazing Backhand Cross court that he whipped with extreme precision. He sure does not love his opponents but definitely cherishes winning Games and Sets at Love.
The second set began on a discordant note for the champion, yet came back to break Nadal as he was about to Serve out the set. He pulled from a mini-break down in the Tie-Break to take an almost unassailable lead at 2 - 0.
The third set produced the best phase of the game in which the Spaniard managed to hold his own by some amazing returns. Federer is not quite the Tie-Break King as Michael Stich and the loss of his first set at Wembley in 30 odd sets did prove that he is Human after all.
The fourth set was All Federer and for the first time, I saw him afraid and nervous of winning. He actually conceded a Break while serving for the Championships but wrapped up the Match on his next service game at "Love".

He also never seems to be out of words at Award Ceremonies or Interviews and yet never gives a whiff of arrogance nor is he a snob nor does he display false Modesty. Sometime back I was watching an interview in which he was asked "What took you so long (2 years) to win a Grand Slam Title after beating Sampras at Wimbledon ?". His answer was as sharp as his serve : "It was a good thing that I did not win early because I was not ready to handle the accolades" !!A perfect role model for our generation and a slap in the face for today's brash youngsters, teeny bopper tennis kids who flash "Quoted" and Tantra/Mantra T-Shirts but Zero Brilliance.

Unlike Sampras who shied away from Clay and Courier who shied away from Grass, he never seems to not try winning even on his least favored surface against heavily favored opponents. Thats the Genius of the man. He might not break Sampras' 14 Grand Slam Titles record, he may not win a single French Open Title (though both are very much on the cards), or he may never win a Grand Slam (all 4 in a year), leave alone 2 Grand Slams like Laver, but for me Federer would still remain the Numero Uno Tennis Player.


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