Saturday, June 10, 2006


Perplexed at reading a blog named "Perplexed"? Me too. First of all, I have the least idea about what this word really means, whats the originality of this word, the greek, latin roots of this word ? Confused ? Join the club.

Monday to Friday:
Should I continue with Bug Regression ?
Should I begin with Test Case Execution ?
Should I first respond to the Developers from Innopath ?
Should I first respond to my Manager ?
A colleague is stuck with an issue, I think I need to look into that first so that he/she can get started.
Atleast, I should be allowed to fill by bottle with water and have a cuppa coffee.
Let me check some of my personal emails.
Damn, need to call someone urgently.
Why did my date with her go all wrong the past weekend ?
Will I have a date the coming weekend ?
Lunch : Sabji kaise hogi ? Rice leni chhaiye ya chapati ? aaj dahi Gore ko dena hai ya Sagar ko ?
Walk after lunch : baahar jaaye dhoop mein, ya parking mein bheed mein chalna hai ?
I havent even stared with my work yet, where do I begin ?
I better skip the afternoon coffee break as well as snakes.., Rutu, plzz get tea for me..
45% work completed, Status Report not completed as yet ? Why havent all of you uploaded results ? Checked in the Bug Regression sheet ? Have you booked the conference room for tomorrow's Conf Call, day-after's Demo, Thursday's interview and Friday's Team Meeting ? Make sure that you make a Note of the Minutes of the Call and Meeting that go for a couple of hours in about 47.29 secs.
Two Ears, Two Eyes, Two Hands and above all just 1 PC !!
Later.. Salil, your efficiency is Pathetic.. ???

The last one (date) at CCD failed, probably the ambience is not great. Barista this time ? Who are you kidding ? PSPL salary and Barista, take a break, have a KitKat at home, watch TV
Should I watch Football World Cup on ESPN ?
Should I watch India-WI on Ten-Sports ?
Should I watch Federer-Nadal on Zee-Sports ?
Should I watch the F-1 Grand-Prix ( pronounced as Gro'm Pree) on Star Sports

This is getting out of control.. Why does our brain not SHUT UP !!

per·plexed ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pr-plkst)adj.
Filled with confusion or bewilderment; puzzled.
Full of complications or difficulty; involved.

from Old French perplexe, from Latin perplexus : per-, per- + plexus, past participle of plectere, to entwine; see plek- in Indo-European Roots


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