Sunday, July 30, 2006

Missing the Mark != Hitting the Target

Please do not dismiss the following as "TOILET" Humor, because I want to highlight people's apathy for Basic Public Hygiene.

Being in a software company and having friends in similar places, words like Missing Deadlines, On Target, As Planned and other Managerial Jargon are familiar to one an all, rather they are so common that I feel "nauseated" every time I hear them.

This weekend, I happened to go see a movie with my friends to one of the nicest Multiplexes in Pune. Currently, its not just raining here but pouring "Felines and Canines" for the last few days. With water seeping through various layers of clothing and reaching unwanted, intimate places, the rush for the Restrooms was much higher than that for the movie "Tom, Dick and Harry". I agree that the mad rush at cramped spaces causes people to rush/hush about and get things done in a hurry. But then, you expect people who shell out "some" amount of money to have "some" public mannerisms in getting "things" done.

First, the distance between two stalls was about 12 inches and the partition a whopping 2 !! When I entered, what I saw was really ghastly. people (read Men) had Missed the Mark, not by a whisker but "The Whole Nine Yards". I mean how many ways are there exactly to get this wrong. With "Peer" pressure and more so from the Bladder, you may not hit Bull's Eye, but missing the Bull is to much too digest. I have seen more cleanliness and beauty?? in the "Sulabh Toilets" just outside the Bus Depot at Dadar of all places.

This is probably the only one thing a person can claim as an entire independent task since the age of 4. Rest all he is dependent on someone or the other. This is his one chance to be in "Hall of Fame". The only thing these people achieve is painting themselves over the "Wall of Shame" !!

I am with MDM for 2+ years and we had some lapses in the past, but none so glaring than the one observed at some of the Plush Oft-Visited Public Places.

Q: Where have the mannerisms gone ?
A: Probably Flushed down the Drain


Anonymous Noorulayn said...

Too Good Sallu!!
you banged the nail right on the head!! Cant tell you the number of times i've faced the same scenarios!! Thanks for bringing the issue out of the closet!!
Three Cheers to you :)
Keep blogging! ...your articles are a great reprieve after a hard day's work :D

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Shripad said...

Sahi Salil !! khup avadala..

PERFECT lihila aahes..

1:28 AM  
Blogger AMPHA said...

Ripley's Believe it or not: I had witnessed a very very similar experience at the Detroit Greyound Bus Terminal loo.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

would like to read some information about toilet ethics and characters

8:33 PM  
Blogger Matter Mahadevan said...

Bang on.

Ampha - what is there not to believe, greyhound terminals are supposed to be like that

12:34 AM  

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