Monday, May 07, 2007

Worldly Walls of Wisdom

Last week we moved out of the house that housed me for most of my life. While cleaning up Stuff from all the rooms including the bathrooms, I realized the number of marks (naah not those ones that you are thinking about) that I had left on the walls. I mean the paper and glue marks of study material pasted for close to 10 years.

Some people tend to put up scenic pictures, I had this habit of putting up formulae, diagrams, maps, chemical equations, notes, theorems on paper to wall. You name it and that would have ended up on one of the walls of either of our bathrooms or above the wash-basins. I had and still have this huge amount of respect for time. And till date I have not yet found a suitable way to utilize my time while performing "that" duty. The diagrams were nowhere of the Michelangelo Da Vinci kind and the Maps were a far grotesque version of the Oxford Atlas but none the less they were extremely helpful in securing whatever marks I could/would gather. Later on the same space was captured by Derivatives, Integrals, Differential Equations . By the time I reached Engineering levels, I totally gave up on the study material.
Either the syllabus was too vast or our bathroom was too small !!

This is when I put a small rack against the wall and placed Reader's Digest(s), Short Story Books, Sportstars, Puzzle Books and Utilized my time. Newspapers and Library Material were taboo, as they often later landed on the dinning table later on during the day. The most helpful was a Chess Book by Max Euwe which helped me tremendously improve my theoretical game and the benefits were to be seen in Dec 05 and Dec 06 in PSPL and multiple other times. The Sports' Magazines were the inputs for the Stats that I blurt out every now and then. The "Word Power" from RDs were the sole inputs that I took for my GRE Verbal and the carelessness promptly showed in me getting all of 480 out of a possible 800. Bye Bye Assistantship ;)

Currently what lies of those loved memories is a wall littered with the marks. In a month's time it would turn into nothing but a piece of rubble as the house will be pulled down to give rise to a whole new world.
Hopefully, some other kiddo would take my "inspiration" and bring glory to the new walls once again.



Anonymous Noor..... said...

Good one Sallu...brought back memories of all those times when I used to move from one place to another!!that reminds me....the posters are still intact in the bathroom of my flat(where i was staying before...) never had the heart to pull them down :)

1:31 AM  
Blogger Utpal Deole said...

goddamnit! I always thought I forgot something in Clemson...bloody all the posters must still be hanging in VG127!

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what can i say it is the end of the book shop around the corner and beginning of the the Big bad mall. That is the way the cookie is crumbling these days. Shed a tear for the old building, the outdoor garden, the verandah, the upstairs, the locked fridge and of course the interesting view from the first floor. TWWWWIIIIINNNNSSS basil.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Atul said...

hmmm...aab mujhe pata chala chess champion ka raaj...while doing mess, u were seriously studying chess :-)

11:04 PM  
Blogger Mukta A said...

lovely post. made me nostalgic too, as i remembered the day when we sold our deccan house (where i stayed for 15 years)... and i remember how i tried to capture every bit of that house...

and btw, i realised that i had never been to the top floor of your old house. nor did i see those posters . hahhaa :)

2:04 AM  

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