Monday, September 18, 2006

12 Days of utter Bliss

Spent the last 12 Days Sleeping, Lying, Blabbering, Drooling, Drooping and the like.

I am back to work today from a 12-day hiatus that actually included 5 trips to PSPL. Who can simply remain separated from their spouse for long anyways ? ;)

Starting from Anant Chaturdashi till yesterday I had some of the best moments since being here. 12 days of bliss (notwithstanding the fact that I had my mid-year appraisal) were spent sleeping, lying (down) - alone, eating and what not. No execution, no meetings, no TestPlan/Test Case updates, almost seemed "Summer of 69"

Promises to a friend of contributing one blog per day were evaporated in thin air. Some of it due to commitments to some other friends/relatives but most of it due to sheer "what the heck" and "who reads it anyway" attitude.

Two days were utterly lost in blaze of MidTerm Appraisal and now the oh-so-common "You dumb piece of s$#t, worth for nothing" remarks that have been so much trite in my Reports. First Day I said the same stuff to people I was suppose to appraise/evaluate (Untrue) and the Second Day, I heard the music (VeryTrue). Over the last two and half years or so, I have learnt to suitably take these in my stride and move ahead and would do so again this time.

However, there was some good news as we were handed our New Compensation package letters from the company. To be very true, it was somewhat needed, but the amounts handed over to people far surpass from simply ridiculous to plain ludicrous (unfortunately I was not one of them being a "worth nothing, lump of crap"). Eye-Popping, Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping numbers that some of received from would certainly be taking its toll on the company's profit at year-end, but for now No Cribbing / No Quitting for most.

Watched one great movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai", and more on this later on the site. But till then, if you haven't watched the same, do so at this very moment.

Went for "Bowling at 3D-Destination" followed by dinner at "Mirchi Cola" (Expensive for the petaaD public) and awesome restaurant on MG Road as part of our Product Release party. I haven't got a clue how/why I was invited considering my limited/ohh-so-little contribution, but yeah.., enjoy the moment..

Till the next pieces of my stupid articles are published, Ciao.

Trite = Hackneyed = Commonplace
Ludicrous = PrePosterous = Absurd

petaaD (marathi) = drunkard (english) = bewaDa (hindi)
Summer of 69 = Famous Song by Bryan Adams (and not by the Eagles as mentioned earlier)


Anonymous Noor said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't "Summer of 69" sung by Bryan Adams??

10:03 AM  
Blogger Vyaktigat_Manogat_Swagat said...

thanks for pointing that out.., mera english songs ka knowledge bahut hi kam hai.., will change it.. i can almost harshu scremaing lembla/lombla all the way here in Pune..

10:54 AM  

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