Saturday, December 22, 2007

"THE" Re-Union : Day Four

21 December 2002:
College Station, TX: This was the day we had reserved in our schedule to visit the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University (TAMU) Campus.

We first visited the Industrial Engineering Department from which Niks had just completed his graduation. It was neatly constructed quite new a building on the campus compared to one that I went to at Clemson. The classrooms and the labs (that we peeped and saw through closed doors) were of a much larger size and seemed spacious. This building was probably shared by some other department as well but cannot now recollect which one it was. We had a picture taken of the 6 of us on the stairs of the building.

We then walked through many more departments, some special in Ranade's mind maybe because of some sweet memories maybe ;)

The stand-out room of that day was an International Hall or Flag Room or something of sorts. There were flags of almost all countries (recognized by the US) proudly were seen hanging from the ceiling. In one corner of this room was a piano waiting to be played and Ranade obliged the same. He played about 3-4 different songs on the beauty while we watched and listened in awe as the sound-of-music reverberated in the Hall. There was another family visiting the place and they too were listening to the tunes being played.

We also visited the Cafeteria where Nikhil worked and at one point of time had his hands full of dishes ready to be washed. He also showed us the room where they had once served at a buffet attended by "Dubya" just before he had become president in late 2000. I think I still having a feeling of deja-vu looking at the place and knowing what it is to work at such a place.

The 6 of us then moved around the campus in the car a lot before descending upon some place to eat. Quite surprisingly but absolutely cannot remember where we had food. We also captured the "Leaning Tower of College Station" in our camera while driving across the Univ. Lastly I remember climbing on a very tall building just after clicking some photos of all of us in idiotic poses below it. There was a huge walkway connecting two buildings which gave us a near giddy feeling and scratched our vertigo (Ameya's for sure)

We returned back and then dropped Tejas at the College Station greyhound station who returned back to Houston at his obscure relatives' place and has been out of touch since.

That evening again there was a "maifil" set again and the same set of people entertained us throughout the late evening.



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