Saturday, July 21, 2007

An Affair to Remember: Coasting Comfortably - Part II

I had no idea how this person looked like nor did she know how freaky I looked. Clean-shaven and nice dressed was quite not Salil-like yet surprisingly no one questioned me which was a relief in itself. I am generally very early at most events or atleast on time and if not then I make sure I intimate the concerned about my later arrival. Here I purposely decided to make a late entrance. I wanted to make really sure that the woman (she wasn't a girl anymore and lady sounds a lot formal) I was about to meet was atleast attractive enough :)
Men can be real jerks sometimes, don't they ?

There in a corner sat a girl (she really looked like one) wearing very decent clothes but did not see her face as she was reading a book or something. Isn't "Hi" one of the nicest words that we have come across ? Not too long, neither too short and conveys the perfect message through your intonation. With my "hi", a slightly course one, (nerves.., nerves.., damn these nerves) she looked up and returned my "hi" with her "hi". The difference was evident, from looks to confidence to voice timber. Boy, was she pretty !! And I know I am undervaluing her greatly !! On a beauty scale of 1 - 10, she was definitely somewhere between 13 and 14, and I am talking exponential scales here. I was very elated but then deep down in my heart I knew that I was not even close to her and that hurt. To be to very true I was so much enamoured by her looks, (ok I was, I lost it, I was indeed hit by the "Thunderbolt") I have absolutely no idea what we spoke for the first 10 odd minutes or so. Thats when I gained my composure, and then I was in my elements. I decided that if this was to be "it" (the final time) I was going to make the most of my opportunity (cannot think of a better word, though I want to)

There was hardly a lull in our conversation nor a single dull moment. We spoke on various topics ranging from Investments/Financials to Software/Careers, Tourist Places to Food likes/dislikes, from Family/Friends to Movies/Plays to Sports/TV. She was an avid fan of tennis and football and had given up on cricket much like I had. She too did not watch the stupid K-serials and followed only a couple of meaningful Marathi serials. She also read a lot, novels, (auto)biographies and stuff, with my schedule the max I read was Newspapers and ohh yes.., a lot of Functional Specifications :(Staying with her grandparents had made her not very religious but definitely spiritual. She knew a lot of a the scriptures as well as she knew about accounting. She had even tried her hand, rather voice for the SaReGaMaPa tryouts but had to fall out in the 2nd last round of eliminations.

We had practically exhausted the widest of spectrum of all topics and yet I felt that there was still so much to talk about. The question was what she thought. Moreover the real question was "what she thought of me" And I was absolutely stunned by her suggestion of meeting for breakfast the very next day !! The next day we did meet at an even better place than yesterday, not that the place mattered but it helped.
It wasn't exactly "Breakfast at Tiffany's", though we had Audrey at one end there was George Costanza at the other !!
The breakfast was not that great but it just did not matter. The topics were enough food for thought though the platter no longer existed. Breakfast turned into an early lunch and then it was time to part (it would have been difficult to explain my long absence from home).., only to meet two weeks later. Next weekend being my B'Day, S.C. was comfortable with the fact that I would not be able to meet her and instead spend time with family and dear friends.

The pretty long 2 weeks seemed like they would never end, but thankfully they did :)



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