Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Affair to Remember: Dizzyingly Delightful - Part III

Delectable December and reJuvenating January and Fantabulous February:

There were multiple instances/days/events to rewind and play over and over again. However from a revolutionalizing and refreshing experience point of view the following excerpt is worth mentioning. The most memorable of our "date" that I think was when we had gone to Sinhagad on a clear, chilly Sunday morning.

The weather was great for such an outing and there was the usual hustle-bustle seen on the fort on most Sundays. We had started quite early and though we took multiple breaks looking at the quickly wuthering foliage around, they were also acting as welcome breathers in between :) With my belly contracting between a size 32 to size 30 and at times to size 33 due to the breathlessness from the thin-air, S.C. had a hearty laugh throughout the climb. On the way up, we also made fun of the other lovey-dovey birds who were proudly exhibiting their PDAs at frequent intervals on the context of helping to step on a rock about 6 inches tall ;)

We had started climbing in near darkness, experienced twilight passed the halfway point. We had reached the summit (it was almost an Everest like) just as the rays kissed the Towers atop the fort, which were still almost a blur. S.C was carrying her newly purchased S3-IS and we waited with bated breath to capture some eternal moments. The sun (rather the earth) was going through its routine but it was a first for the two of us.

We were discussing the events in the week before, when the topics shifted to the just held appraisal at S.C.'s company and how well she had "held" her own. She did not meekly submit to the points/grades offered but fought for her rights. My wicked, sarcastic smile did not amuse her much and that forced me to spill the beans. And so began my monologue for the next half an hour so. My typical laid-back approach to one of the most useless and controversial processes followed in most companies (obviously my personal opinion again) to suppress any hardworking, sincere engineer/employee (yeah, C.A.'s are not engineers but way beyond). What do they know of what I have been through, and this is nothing but just "A Walk In The Clouds" - similar to the emotions of reality that we were just passing through.

I had never seen S.C. with her real steely resolve coming to the fore. She was absolutely stunned and more-so-over frustrated as I did not even wish to desire whatever I deserved. I tried to vainly impress her with some hackneyed Hindi-Urdu dialogue about how worthless these events were compared to the time spent with her. Now it was her turn to smile which was neither of the sort that I had displayed some minutes back.

The next hour or so S.C. spoke and I listened, speechless, stunned and somewhat energized. S.C. delivered her words with such caution and even more passion that there was nothing else to do but genuflect in pure submission. She even mentioned that I should actually "go to the mattresses" (probably got to do with the surroundings - Sinhagad - and its immortal history) !! She just could not emphasize enough how it was "Not Personal, But Business". From someone who recited paragraphs from the Gita and who was a vivid and ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda and his philosophy, mention from Puzo's GodFather was quite shocking, to the point of being over-whelming.

I was like a pure "Neo"phyte in the presence of Krishna and Vivekananda at the same time in "Zion"



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